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Hilbert-Space is a functional space of infinite dimensions.

The term was coined by John von Neumann in 1926 to honor his mentor, David Hilbert, when Newmann realized how the state of a quantum system could be represented as a point within an abstract vector space.

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Separately, it is useful to note that all life experiences derive from the perceived state of quantum systems everywhere

And that functional spaces are helpful to aggregating such phenomena, as we all must.

Hilbert David is a New York-based writer and filmmaker.He grew up near a lake bordering Canada, before escaping to encounter the world.

In Los Angeles, introductions to people he'd read about made a lasting impression.He lived with former Hells Angels, then studied engineering.

He switched coasts to write, but returned to pursue cinema.
He left the United States, then returned to design media.

He took up independent film after that.

Hilbert’s iterations employ unlikely circumstances to reveal more about ourselves than most of us like to.Authenticity is pursued despite his rejection of objectsa dynamic which he views without contradiction, and thinks is dangerous to ignore.

Though we're easily snared by imagination, Hilbert would remind us that there actually is nothing else.

Criticism is essential.

All imposed thinking must be questioned.

Hilbert is the director and editor of the award-winning film Ikland, which documents an encounter with a lost people once described as the worst in the world.

He is currently depicting our identity-threatening rites, while compiling picaresque narratives of catharsis and discovery

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