lost signals | hilbert-space

The Lost Signals Collection is an archive of speculative texts, images, sounds, and moving pictures lost to history.

It is interested in interrogating what might have been

[ the time is always now ] 23 Feb 18 (3m)
Time would revert to a dimensionless value at the fold, and cease to exist until the twisty shape re-opened
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[ space tectonics ] 29 Jan 18 (2m)
A tectonic shift between two or more spatial “plates”, along a sub-visual fault, within some higher dimension.
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[ the oslo deviation ] 25 May 17 (2m)
At dawn on March 24, 1950, the offices of the Central Council of Physical Recreation at Burnwood House were presented with a series of curious packages: 72 banded, wooden crates, laden with some 45 tons of radioactive snow
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[ parallax literature ] 03 May 17 (2m)
One needs two eyes to see in three dimensions. Likewise, one needs two minds to read in stereo.
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[ photographs of the future ] 28 Feb 17 (2m)
True four-dimensional photography either is, was, or will be actualized.
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