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KFJB Radio Interviews

October 8, 2012

The effects of Ikland were somewhat unpredictable. Most audience impressions mixed praise and criticism in a conspiracy of endorsement. I was surprised however, by occasional, unexpected epiphanies

One such instance involved a certain Bruce Pilato: entertainment marketer, artist manager, promoter, and project developer.
Pilato's career was built on high profile credentials, mostly in the music business. He approached Cevin Soling and I following our premiere screening in a fit of joy, thanking us both for "restoring his faith in humanity."

I'm actually really bad at accepting praise like this. I didn't know what to say, but Cevin aptly suggested that he connect us with as many independent broadcasters as he knew, who might also feel as he did.

Pilato's epiphany thus led to a series of Morning Show interviews with Kyle Martin of KFJB radio in Des Moines, on 8 October.

Kyle interviewed both of us. First he interviewed Cevin. Then, he interviewed me: